• Happiness, Health, Love or Money?

    What we usually want your relatives, friends, near and dear to all our people? I did not discover America if I say – Happiness, Health, Love! Here are the three pillars that hold our peace with you, state, city, family, etc. In other words society of any size where there are living with you lyudi. Eto our church as a pyramid, which is the foundation of our faith with you, first of all in himself, this is tough for many and interconnected structure, which can only be considered in the complex. Changed the shape of a new component that automatically change the other. Started a health problem, then this face of the pyramid has become less and decrease as a result of the other two, Happiness and Love, it is inevitable. But if you lose faith in themselves – to explain it probably do not need more, so clear, our church will come “kirdyk.” I forgot something? Oh yes – the money… They are probably also holding something), greed, avarice, greed, this is the first thing that comes to mind. But in fact, far from it. Money – a subject matter, to be precise, a special type of paper on which are plotted according to the specific technology of paint and water marks. All my friends – nothing more, nothing less. And everything else, beyond the natural – it is our imagination. So let’s not deify them and even more abuse and ascribe no living human subject “scabs.” Therefore, my friends – the money is not the most important thing in life), most importantly the presence of abilities, skills and abilities at a specific person to your temple zarabatyvat. Esli and its foundation in order, I’m talking about happiness, health, love and faith, the money you earn will always assure you!)


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